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Train. Operate. Maintain.


Improve Training efficiency,  Maintenance productivity  and safety with Augmented Virtual Reality.


Capture. Enrich. Teleport.


TotalYmage Immersive Content Management Platform enables to communicate more efficiently and accurately on complex processes.



Record your best practices - Teach your employees

Knowledge Management

Record internal best practices, Improve the quality of training while reducing training costs.

Quickly and Effectively Train at Scale

Training Employees by helping them understand faster, boost knowledge retention.

Simple & Realistic Simulations

Enables real-life scenarios for precise training on best practices without harm to employee or process.



Standardize your processes - Track inefficiencies - Improve team communication

Real Time access to information

Enables users to directly access to equipment characteristics, maintenance history and documentation.

Team Interaction Improved

Communicate and share live with other services and capture key informations on the spot.

Enhancing Productivity and Work Behavior

Enhancing Productivity and Work Behavior



Track maintenance operations - Greatly reduce your costs

Communicate clearly on technical issues

Maintenance issues on diagnostic, timing and procedures are highlighted and optimized by interactive links.

Team based Maintenance approach

where operators perform various equipment maintenance activities and management are able to closely follow-up the daily operations.

Improve Maintenance productivity

Less walking around, less phone, more interactions. Ability to virtually teleport experts knowledge on scene for faster decision. Reduces time and costs.


Improved Maintenance


Startup efficiency savings


Time & cost saving on-the-job training


Amazing Technology Under the Hood



Our Vision

We create the future of Industry 4.0 where workers can teleport to learn, operate and thrive.





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